Eminem - Marsh

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Текст песни Eminem - Marsh

[Intro] My name is Marsh and this world, I'm out of it (Out of it) 'Cause with all this A-B-C shit, I'm startin' to sound like alphabet Ha! I kill me, this medicine's counterfeit I was mislead by the sound of it, how am I gonna get turnt up on this Valium shit? [Verse 1] Checked in at the Royal Garden To chill and avoid my problems Until paranoia caused me to feel like I'm going bonkers For real, think my toilet's talkin' I spilled like, like forty bottles of pills Think your boy is startin' to feel like a spoiled carton of milk 'Cause it just occurred My girl's cheatin', I'm kickin' that fuckin' bitch to the curb But the word "fuckin'" ain't meant to be a descriptive word The type of bitch she is ain't no adjective, it's a verb Ho thinks her snatch is magical but that's how she attracts men and who traps 'em and attack similar to an actual arachnid Or a vaginal tarantula or black widow In fact it'll be nothing to throw that lil' Bitch with a capital B at the back window out the black Cadillac limo like a whack demo When I'm strapped, when I spit rapid, like a ratchet I have [?] Been fire bitch, I can't outrap Reynolds Apparently it'll be great but a napkin'll do Return of the whack sicko Head spinnin' like invisible scratch pickles Yeah, Shady's back, see the bat signal It's time to go bat shit, like you accidentally ate a Louisville slugger and crapped it, I'd like to introduce myself Hi there, bitch my name is- [Chorus] My name is Martian, I'm out this world (This world) S on my chest (Superman) like it's plural (It's lit) Call me extra, extra terrestrial Extra, extra, extra terrestrial [Verse 2] I could keep beefing Fuck is the point? I could make it really difficult for motherfuckers to come to Detroit If you're still looking for smoke, I already gave you an L I'd rather just see you in hell but I should get puff on the joint (Diddy) Wait, run it back, I said gave you an L, in hell Puff on the joint, I am the blunt you avoid Used to get jumped for my poems When I was growin' up they said a slinky's a wonderful toy My mother thought I was such a fun little boy "Oh, what a bundle of joy!" Until the morning she suffered a punch in the groin From the tantrum I was throwing Like a motherfuckin' disgruntled employee, I don't cut the beat till I fuckin' destroy it Once I get going rain thunder it's storming Puddles are forming, I hear somebody's voice In my head said it's still a dream Then he said kill emcee's Trippie Redd, with pills on lean Sippin' meds in the limousine Getting head, guillotine [Chorus] My name is Martian, I'm out this world (This world) S on my chest (Superman) like it's plural (It's lit) Call me extra, extra terrestrial Extra, extra, extra terrestrial [Verse 3] Yeah So all of y'all can just suck a penis (Suck a penis) I'll do the opposite (I'll do the opposite) Eat you pussies like cunnilingus (Like cunnilingus) There ain't no stopping it (There ain't no stopping it) They say I'm such a genius (They say I'm such a genius) When that kamikaze hits (When that kamikaze hits) Now they call me "Butter fingers" (They call me "Butter fingers") 'Cause I just keep droppin' shit (I just keep droppin' shit) You wanna butt heads?, shut up Beavis, ha ha I got your bitch with her butt out I'm hittin' a lick and she stickin' her tongue out You got no hitters, you might be pitchin' a shut out She 'bout to give up the dug out I should just live in a nut house Right now, I live in an igloo (Yeah) And I'm not chillin' the fuck out Treat you like a stepparent, does to a stepchild with red hair and Plus I get dough like Ed Sheeran, so call me the ginger bread man I'm a stan of Redman, ex clan and I'm a Treach fan But I look up to myself (Yeah) Like a fucking headstand (Yeah) So why, w-w-why else, would I call myself an alien How could I hit a dry spell (Yeah), I'm named after the wet lands [Chorus] I'm Martian, I'm out this world (This world) S on my chest (Superman) like it's plural Call me extra, extra terrestrial Extra, extra, extra terrestrial My name is Martian, my name is, my name is My name is Marsh

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